The Egyptian Saudia company was founded in 2007 in Alexandria with a capital of 2 million EGY pounds and was the primary goal meet the needs of the domestic market of Garments with high quality using fabrics made from cotton, local high-quality to produce a product containing 100% Egyptian cotton has been the establishment of the factory on an area of 450 meters and 60 machine of a variety of sewing machines and finishing and production capacity of 45 Doz per hour and 45 workers and  that we start to draw the initial steps on the road to success.

Production has been expanded and new stages of export to major US companies have been carried out

A new branch of the factory was opened with an area of 1500 square meters with a capacity of 85 sewing machines, as well as the rest of the sections (cutting, weaving, ….. .

EGYPTIAN SAUDI's Activities:

Knitting (flat & circular)

ü  Cutting

ü  Embroidery

ü  Printing

ü  Confection

ü  Packing

ü  Wholesale & Retail

The most important initial steps in 2008 is the local prevalence and distribution breadth to cover all governorates of the Republic from north to south and then headed for development - the type of the finest cotton combed and shape of the product in terms of packaging and improve the level of packaging to live up to the good taste to satisfy consumer desires for a sense of the difference to reach the highest satisfied with the quality of the consumer.

get the stuff in the fastest time and the best quality and access to self-sufficiency in cotton textiles of high quality have been increasing the number of workers and capital increase Money to 4 million pounds.

And head for the export in 2010 after obtaining the quality certificates and the Egyptian standard specifications to accommodate us access to the domestic market to the largest market. 

Including the Arab countries and African export all our products and to identify the different tastes and different level of form and content of the product and the Arab Gulf.

Was covered and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become for us and fought a commercial agent for our products.

 And the opening of many markets in the Libya, Sudan and other countries to meet their needs.

And to meet the needs of the domestic market and the Arab and African in 2011 was created new hall new extension plant basic to expand from 850 m to 1300 m and the addition of the 45 machines a variety of sewing machines and finishing has been increasing the number of workers and the capital increase to 6.5 million pounds.

We obtained ISO 9001 Certificate, and get the certificate to be a QIZ and crossing the bridge to support the new Steps.
Been thinking and planning for the invasion of the international market and the U.S. all challenges of a new level of quality and taste, and the latest methods of work to relay information easily promoted for the product is suitable for the international community to safety and quality standards to meet the highest level of complete
satisfaction to the consumer.

And production of famous brands

PONY – Beverly Hills Polo Club – G1 Athletics – AIRWALK –Nannette Girl – Boys Wear -  Disney - Pixar –Cars-  Toys - Mickey Moss - Sesame Street – Timberland - Tab out - UFC....... and more

And we succeeded in a new deal with the U.S. market,including.

We do not stop for upgrading and altitude to complete the march to the highest and the best testimonials. We are going to get a certificate of European WRAP Certificate and certification of occupational health and safety in the industry of garments and textiles OHSAS 18001:2007.

And the company over the years from members of the board of directors, managers, and include a number of these workers and employees have high experience and sophisticated thought Was and still is of the most influential on the overall performance was good and they have positive results, which was one of the most important contributions to the success of the company.

The company has interacted with the community. In this era of "green", is a source of strength for the company to be active in the community and take an active role in the Open Classrooms of his request for technical diplomas to sewing and institutes quality of higher and supervise production to reach the highest and finest levels of scientific and professional in this field and maintain the environment. And appear in this section how the company has participated in charity events and other efforts and sense of responsibility to improve the local community through the company.

Corporate history is a valuable marketing tool, and paints it in a positive light, to the events that will be like in the outgoing of the establishment of a new plant and adorned for the distribution of the product and care to complete the road to success and to continue in this way. 

Management Policy

 (Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection)

The management policy of the Egyptian Saudi Company for Ready Made Garments and Textiles, which works in the field of ready-made garments products, aims to be able to provide the growing needs of the local, Arab, African and international market of ready-made garments products using high quality fabrics made of 100% Egyptian cotton. To satisfy the customers and stakeholders concerned with the activity of the company, through:

· Rapid response to customer requirements.

Achieving the highest quality to satisfy its customers and relevant stakeholders and achieve strong competition

· Meet the needs and expectations of customers as well as relevant stakeholders.

· Compliance and compliance with legal and other requirements, legislative requirements and specifications of relevant authorities applicable to the company's activities, quality management, safety, occupational health and environmental protection.

· Focus on the selection and evaluation of suppliers to ensure the quality and safety of products.

· Working as a team and continuous training of employees and commitment to the application of international standards

· Preventing and minimizing the risks that affect the health and safety of all employees and concerned parties and protecting the environment, including preventing pollution, using sustainable resources and not harming the surrounding environment.

· Commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work injuries and occupational diseases.

· Striving for continuous improvement and development of products, processes and systems applied by the company.

· Follow up on achieving the objectives of the system and occupational safety and health and environmental protection.

· Achieving communication and ensuring that all employees are aware of the duties of occupational health, safety and environmental protection

· Commitment to involve workers and, where they are, workers' representatives in decision-making processes in the OSH management system and environmental protection, to inform all employees of the management policy and to make this policy known to all relevant stakeholders.

· The senior management and all employees are committed to reviewing and updating this policy periodically and communicating it to all employees so that it is available to all employees of the company and the concerned parties to review whether the strategy and directions of the company and the objectives for which the policy has been achieved have been achieved.

This management policy provides a frame of reference for setting OSH and environmental protection objectives.

In order to continue this outstanding performance of the company on its own establishment and implementation of a management system compatible with the requirements of international standards 2015 / 14001ISO and 2018 / 45001ISO and review the efficiency of this system and work to improve it on an annual basis, so that this system achieves the expected level of satisfaction of customers and relevant stakeholders.

The company is also committed to take the responsibility of the managers responsible for this system to provide material and human resources, whether future or current and provide employees with the best training programs.